Where you can find KAOS


KAOS Canterbury branch has been around since 1981, it was founded by Vicki Spong (AKA "Vixen") and her friends.

The 2015 dictator for KAOS is Thor who is otherwise known as John. The Mighty DictaThor, first and only ever dictator of KAOS for life. Ignore the claims of anyone else to have either been a previous dictator or to have known one. They are a Blasphemer, and their torment shall be eternal.
Do not question where the Mighty DictaThor came from or how he rose to power, he did neither. He simply always was and always shall be, the DictaThor. His great deeds are whispered throughout parties, living rooms and any other associated KAOS corners.
"Did you hear the time our Mighty DictaThor wore the body of the Potato king to a party?" "How he crushed the White Swallow at every encounter? " "He once fought around thirty duels at one party and won them all!" "I hear he's never been poisoned? I hear he CAN'T be poisoned!"
All of these tales and more are true, no empty mythology our mighty DictaThor. But where can the DictaThor be found you ask? Why, the DictaThor is in all of you.
If you want him to be.

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KAOS Bunny Canterbury


KAOS is …
A game of espionage and assassination
An excuse for a wild party
A chance for a mob of people to dress up and blatter each other to death with something soft
A reason for owning an arsenal of Nerf Weaponry
An opportunity to confuse the general public, just for the fun of it


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