KEA Divisions

1st Division, (Canterbury)

The KAOS Expeditionary Army expedites. Sometimes it fights pacifist warfare battles too.

What is pacifist warfare? I hear you ask, it's large scale killing without the hurting, obviously. It tends to involve vast quantities of paper swords and, if the Reformed Church of the Great Old Ones are involved, tentacles.

Artillery is unsurprisingly water. Bring along Big Bertha - your largest Super Soaker of silly proportions and drench some English!

We commonly fight ALF's Imperial Army, KAOS Otago, the Reformed Church of the Great Old Ones, and if their too chicken, ourselves. Pretty much we'll fight anything or anyone - even kids with cancer.

2nd Division, (Otago)

KAOS is …
A game of espionage and assassination
An excuse for a wild party
A chance for a mob of people to dress up and blatter each other to death with something soft
A reason for owning an arsenal of Nerf Weaponry
An opportunity to confuse the general public, just for the fun of it

5th Division, (National & International)

Life doesn't end at graduation, and for those unwilling to abandon the glory and absurdity of KAOS, there is The Fifth, the KAOS Old Guard Branch. Fifth activities include parties and social outings, battles and short rounds; the range of KAOS activities adapted for people with day jobs (and in some cases children1). The Fifth has its own KEA Regiment (the Fifth Regiment), webpage and mailing list.

Fifth Agents are scattered across New Zealand and the globe. To get involved in Fifth activities, you can join the Fifth List, contact your local Fifth Committee, or talk to the Director about setting up a station in your area. If you are a student, you should see about joining (or forming) your own University Branch.