General Information

In KAOS we're pretty interested in documenting kaos history (okay it might mainly be me). But I really want to set up a massive online database that the future generations of KAOS will be able to look back on and cringe or look up to.

So if you are a person who might have anything to put on these pages could you e-mail me at kaos.webmistress@gmail.com. If you want I can also put your name down as someone who has contributed to the history pages.

Spring picnic 1989

Front row: Belle, Wombat, Angus, Jules, Craig Stanley, Mel, Vicki (no, not the real one...), Wayne?
Next (mostly unobscured): Sean, David Duckworth, Erika, Sarah, Shaz, Min (now Her Excellency Eleonora), Diana, Tania, Craig Mawson, Kenji
Back (mostly obscured): Marie, Pretzel, Cooch (?), Wulf, Peter Grooby, Brat, JL, Craig McGeachie,? Tree: ?, ?, ?