KAOS Eagle

Under Construction

Welcome to The Prototype New KAOS Website, built on the "Industrial" codebase (I name these things after musical genres, so far I've been through Disco, Dark-Glam and Jazz). There are broken bits, missing sections and other such things lying about the place, and the whole thing may periodically grind to a halt as I screw with the codebase, so watch your step.

Where is Everything?

See the Site Guide

Help Wanted!

Everlasting fame and glory! Well, not really. I am however looking for input from KAOS in general about what's going to go in here, subject of course to my editorial discretion. Leave a comment here.

The intended purpose of this rewritten website is as follows:

  1. Propaganda: to convince people to join KAOS, because it's, ya-know, cool and fun and stuff.
  2. Reference: Information about KAOS for the new and veteran agent.
  3. Archives: It would be a shame to let all the stuff we do be forgotten, it gives people ideas for starters.
  4. [Classified]

You are invited to ruthlessly pillage the previous KAOS site (especially the archives) or hardcopy while writing material. It's not plagerism, it's recycling; I would just like to know what you ripped off so I can credit all the authors.

I don't intend for this site to be a communications hub, although I intend to link to the official and de-facto communications channels (mailing lists, IRC, LiveJournal etc). I may or may not continue to put bulletins here, and I may or may not provide an RSS or Atom feed. I am working on a new partylist form that attaches an XML document to the outgoing mail (don't worry, it won't be large), so that people can roll their own RSS feeds and calendars and the suchlike; I may link to these, I may write one myself. However, all of this is currently at the bottom of the list of priorities.

KAOS Tank under construction