Killing as an organized sport

So you're interested in coming to one of the legendary KAOS parties? If you are you can either go to the KAOS Facebook page and join as a member.
But before joining either of the Facebook pages it is suggested that you message that years Dictator or someone who is a admin of the page.

Main KAOS Facebook page for any member of KAOS. MAIN FACEBOOK
Campus KAOS Facebook page for University of Canterbury members of KAOS. CAMPUS FACEBOOK

If you're not on facebook you could join our mailing list. The mailing list is where all of the major events tend to be posted. These are parties like the 48 Hour Party and the Perversion Party.

First you need to become a member of the party list which you can do using the forum below. PARTY LIST SIGN-UP
After signing up to the party list you can also post an event to it. You can do this using the link below. KAOS PARTY LIST