Glorious Rulers of KAOS

The politburo is filled with Kaosians hand picked by the glorious leader to assist him in the running of KAOS. Of course all of these wonderful politburo members are the most loyal of the dictators followers, none of them would ever do anything like run a resistance.

The Dictator, Archbishop Smooth, Man of the People.


There have been good times and fearful times, but through it all KAOS has given much to students and the university at large. Therefore it is only sensible that KAOS itself is rewarded with a benevolent and pure leader. The phrase "paragon of virtue" is tossed about a lot, but nowhere is there more fervent tossing than over the reign of Dictator Smooth.

Through toil, hard work and absolutely no seduction or betrayal at all, Smooth (also known as Jack) worked from his humble beginnings to become The Great Shepard who watches over the flock of rabid cats that is KAOS. It’s a heavy burden for any man to bear, but somehow he rises erect above all the sleaze and depravity that gives a bad name to dictators, giving everyone hope for a fulfilling and climactic existence.

The Bodyguard

Thor is an angry shouty man. But he will use his shouty powers to protect his Dictator. Thor would happily lay down his life to save that beautiful and unreasonably smooth man who saved him from the perils of responsibility. Long may Smooth reign.

The Vizier

Cutey has climbed upon many a people to get where she is today (metaphorically and literally). Like a spider on the interweb she always seems to know what is going on, and she would never use this information to organize a resistance as she is the most loyal, also there is no such thing as a resistance* … long live the resistance DICTATOR!
*Though maybe you should talk to her about this “resistance” but then again maybe you shouldn’t … she may ask to have you executed.

The Vice of Vice

The Vice of Vice is an elusive character. She is best known for her brightly coloured hair, nocturnal habits, and legion of rats. What does the Vice of Vice do, I heard you ask? Well, you'll just have to talk to her and find out.

Minister of Violent Cunning

Is that a suspicious suspicious rustle in the bushes? Surely you're being paranoid but the man in the fake glasses has too big of a Nerf gun to be a civilian right? Did that cake taste a little too strange to be safely eaten?
Maybe you've just meet the Minister of Cunning Violence, and hey, if you're lucky you might just survive the encounter...

Minister of Cunning Violence

Perhaps it is the scent of blood, or the enjoyment he felt when watching younglings fight to the death that earned him the title "Minister of Cunning Violence". Or perhaps it's the way he smiles maniacally while mysteriously writing in his notebook. We will never know...


"Wait....This isn't ENSOC where am I?" * “It's full of wine, that's probably important.”

The Lady Executioner
(Ashleigh, The Queen of Hearts)

The Lady Executioner is somewhat ominous, yet everyone know she holds a soft spot in her cold dead heart for the Dictator. She will swiftly deny any rumours of betrayal to past rulers, as she has always been a loyal servant to justice. It is unknown exactly how she ascended the ranks, but she has made the dictator aware that she is quite flexible and willing to take any position to get what she wants.

High Priestess

Jordan, or Pandora, rose to her position of High Priestess on the back of two years of entertainment, mad drunken dancing, and red lipstick application amongst the ranks of KAOS. As a resident second-year uni goth, she feels the title suits her brooding, scheming, and sometimes ribald nature (because religious undertones are sexy). She claims to be intelligent and sharp-tongued, yet those who know her closely say she does struggle with the momentous task of sorting her wardrobe into different shades of black. Don't be afraid to approach her, despite all the spikes - she would only try to consensually bite you on a full moon.